Single spanning distance for lipped channel (end to  end)

Dimension and thickness engineer specs actual span*
75x50x20x2mm 3m ?????
100x50x20x2mm 3.7m ?????
125x50x20x2mm 4.2m ?????
150x50x20x2mm 5.1m ?????
150x75x20x2mm 5.6m ?????
175x75x20x2mm 6.3m ?????
200x75x20x2mm 6.9m ?????
250x75x20x2mm 8.6m ?????
????  Call us for actual spans 031 269 1107  
Above lipped channels available in mild steel, galvanized and powder coated
For further technical information, call 072 064 8376

Square poles [uprights]

Available in the following dimensions

Despriction        thickness           lengths

50x50                 1.6mm                3m      6m     7.2m

60x60                 1.6mm                3m      6m

76x76                 1.6mm                3m      3.6m    4.2m     6m    7.2m   

100x100             2&3mm              6m

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